Get a Library Card!

To get a library card you must first register in-person.  The first day you check out after you register, you are limited to five items.

You must be a resident of North Carolina, 16 years of age, and present a valid North Carolina driver's license or other positive (picture) identification showing your current address.  You must sign a statement that you will be responsible for returning materials on time and in good condition.  If you are between the ages of five and fifteen, a parent or legal guardian must co-sign for your card.

The first card is issued free.  If you lose your card, you are responsible for contacting the library immediately.  Replacement cards are $1.00 for the first card issued, $2.00 for the second card and increases by $1.00 for each replacement card issued up to a $5.00 limit. You must present your library card to check out materials.  Library materials can be renewed, as long as they are not overdue, by telephone with your library card in hand or online by accessing "My Account" through the online catalog. If you need help please call (336) 318-6800 for assistance.

Your library card is similar to a credit card and should be treated as such.  It can be used at any of the seven public libraries in Randolph County.

All seven libraries are connected by computer.  Anyone registered at one library is automatically registered at all seven.  Patrons must return any overdue materials and pay any outstanding fines before being allowed to check out more materials at any of the seven libraries.

An automated dialer will attempt to contact you for the first three weeks that material is overdue.  A notice will be mailed after one month overdue and after two months.  A final notice and letter from the Randolph County attorney will be sent after three months.  Patrons with material overdue that exceeds $100 in replacement costs can be summoned to court.  Remember:  notification of overdue material is a courtesy only; you are responsible for fines and replacement costs regardless of whether you have received notification.

10 cents per day for books, audios, pamphlets, or any printed materials.  $1.00 per day for videos, DVDs, and CD-ROMs.  The maximum fine per item is $5.00.  The library is much more concerned with having materials returned than with overdue fines!
Books, audiocassettes, music CDs: 3 weeks. They can be renewed twice if not on a waiting list.

Videos, CD-ROMs DVDs: 1 week.
They can be renewed twice if not on a waiting list.